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Installation and Advice Guide for Sheds


Installation – It is recommended that two people are available to assemble the shed, as it is much easier to have one person to help lift, position and hold components in place whilst the other fastens the screws etc.,

Value Shed - Front Zoomed
Flat Pack on Truck 3
Bases – It is essential that the base area be correctly prepared for your shed.  This needs to be firm, level and square to ensure the stability of your shed.  Timber bearers, paving slabs or a concrete pad are all suitable mediums.

Initial Build - Base
Back Panel 1
Roof Panels with Felt
  • Centre the shed floor on top of your chosen base.
  • Start with the shed’s back panel, lift into place – use a timber prop or a helper to hold it upright.
  • Lift a side panel onto the shed floor.
  • Screw the back and side panel together – Don’t try and fix your shed frame to the floor just yet – make sure the panels are square, aligned and fitted together first.
  • Fit the other side panel in the same way.
Door Panel 1
Roof Panels with Felt
  • Fit the final panel housing the door.
  • Lift the roof panels into position, one at a time, ensuring everything is level and aligned. Secure the roof panels to the shed.
  • Check that the shed is square on the shed floor before finally screwing the sides and gable ends to the floor.
  • Unroll the roofing felt – the pieces should run the full length of the shed with overhang at each end and go over the apex to cover the joint.
  • Nail along the top edge with felt tacks about 100mm apart. Then fix down along the length of the shed carefully folding the corner and repeat on the other side.  Nail the gable ends securing the corners.
  • Secure the roof fascia with nails/screws over the felt on the front and back gable ends.
  • Finish the fascia by adding the diamond shaped wood finials to the apex of the shed roof.
  • Secure each corner trim of the shed to complete.
Value Shed - Side

Always make allowance for any roof overhang when buildings have to go into confined spaces.

All sheds are pre-treated, however we recommend that you re-treat it at regular intervals to maintain the appearance and lifespan of the shed.

NOTE : The above information is given in good faith, but for guidance only and we cannot be held responsible for any problems that might occur.

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